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Live blog: Red Wings vs. Bruins, Game 4

The Red Wings and Bruins play Game 4 of their Eastern Conference playoff series Thursday night at 8 at Joe Louis Arena. Follow all of the action here with updates throughout the game by Geoff Robinson of The Detroit News.

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Dougie Hamilton threw the puck towards the net, it went off Jarome Iginla’s stick, and then it went off of Danny DeKeyser’s leg and into the net, giving Boston a 3-1 series lead over the Wings.

It was all Bruins in overtime. They outshot the Wings 10-3 in the extra frame.

It’s hard to know where the Wings go from here. They played great hockey in the first two periods, but it still wasn’t enough. They’re going to have to come together and find a way to play well in Boston on Saturday.

Boston is pushing for a goal, but this time around, it’s not because the Wings are making silly mistakes. Both teams are skating extremely hard, and neither wants to give an inch to the other.

Credit Jonas Gustavsson. The Wings’ goalie has made quite a few big saves tonight, but his team is probably going to need a few more. He’s been out of position a few times, but good fortune has been on his side. Let’s hope that’s a good omen for Detroit.

Boston has a 9-2 shot advantage in the extra frame. There’s 9:54 remaining.

After a Boston goal to open the third period, both teams shut the other out for the last 18 minutes and they’re heading into overtime at Joe Louis Arena with the game tied, 2-2.

It was all Boston for the first 15 minutes of the third period, but the Wings started to get aggressive as overtime approached.

It appears the Wings may be a little gassed, but they’ve still got a chance to pull this one out. They need to control the puck and use their speed to get that crucial goal that can even this series up at two games apiece.

Shots are 34-28 in favor of the Wings.

Brad Marchand missed a wide open net. And when I say he missed a wide open net, I mean he missed a WIDE open net.

The Bruins had their third goal of the night when Jonas Gustavsson came way out the net to play the puck. Marchand took a pass and found himself all alone when he, for some reason, took a big rip of the puck from three feet away and completely missed the goal.

At this moment, it’s still all Bruins in the third period. Game is tied, 2-2, with 8:46 to play.

Hold onto your hats. The third period should be an excellent one as the Wings and Bruins are going hard at each other and skating with purpose.

The Wings started off the second period a bit sloppy, but they eventually reverted back to the team we saw in the first period during a crucial stretch in the second, using their speed to cause problems for the Bruins.

Boston isn’t going anywhere, though. They outshot the Wings in the second period (12-8), and they know they can put a stranglehold on this series if they can get out of Joe Louis Arena with a win.

Overall, shots are 22-17 in favor of Detroit.

Gregory Campbell was called for boarding, and the Wings almost had a power play goal as Tomas Tatar cleaned up a Gustav Nyquist shot in front of what looked like a gaping hole to the left of Tuukka Rask. But Rask up up to task, making a phenomenal glove save from his knees.

Good power play for the Wings. Even though they didn’t score, they put four shots on goal. The power play provided almost no threat in the first three games, but this team is definitely playing with purpose tonight.

4:46 remains in the second period with the Wings up 2-1.

Boston got a little closer after a Torey Krug goal from the blue line with just seconds remaining in a Todd Bertuzzi penalty, and the Wings lead 2-1 with 9:46 left to play in the second period.

Kevan Miller was called for roughing, and the Wings, who had just begun to pick up the pace after Pavel Datsyuk’s goal, looked like they were going to go on the power play.

That penalty was offset just 13 seconds later by an interference call on Bertuzzi. Amazingly, the ensuing 13 second power play after the 4-on-4 led to a goal.

Pavel Datsyuk was the benefactor of a heady play from Niklas Kronwall, and the Wings lead 2-0 in the second period of Game 4.

Kronwall picked the puck out of the air and gently passed the puck to Datsyuk, who had a wide open net to scoot the puck into.

Before the goal, Boston was buzzing around Jonas Gustavsson, and the Wings goalie has had to save his defense a couple of times tonight. While Detroit has looked much better in the offensive zone, they continue to turn the puck over in their own zone and allow the Bruins chances that are eventually going to be capitalized on.

The goal came with 15:33 remaining in the second period.

Brendan Smith was called for tripping on his brother, Reilly Smith, and the Bruins went on a two-minute power play with 2:32 left to play in the first period. Boston never really got it going with the man-advantage and the Wings will take their one-goal lead into the locker room.

The Wings came out firing tonight, and the way they are playing right now is a breath of fresh air for fans all across Detroit.

The puck has been in the Boston zone for the majority of the first period, although a few miscues on the defensive end provided the Bruins with some very good chances.

That said, it’s still just a one-goal game, and Boston is very much in it. The Wings need to come out of intermission ready to attack. If they can keep this pace up all night, they’ll be able to even this series up at two games apiece.

Shots are 14-5 in favor of Detroit.

Things are clean and crisp for the Wings in the early going. They’ve even had a couple nice looks at net. If Jonas Gustavsson is going to stand a chance tonight, the Wings are going to have to spend some time in the Boston zone. They can’t play on their heels all night like they did for long stretches in Games 2 and 3.

They’re scoreless at the Joe with 13:39 to play in the first period.

Henrik Zetterberg is in the lineup tonight, but the Wings are going to need a lot more than the return of their captain if they want to even this series up at two games apiece.

Zetterberg should provide a big emotional boost to the team, but he will be playing in a limited capacity and won’t be able to carry much of the load.

Gustav Nyquist has been invisible through the first three games of this series, and the Wings desperately need him to show up tonight. They don’t necessarily need a goal from their rising star, but they need him to be creative with the puck and help the offense get things going. The Bruins have dominated the last two games, and while the Wings say all the right things to the media, they have yet to figure out a way to produce a solid offensive attack. Todd Bertuzzi is also back tonight, a move that signifies the Wings’ need for a physical presence on the ice.

On defense, this team has to stop turning the puck over in their own zone. The carelessness with the puck is what’s led to the majority of Boston’s chances.